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Impotence Treatments

Product Overview

This short guide is designed to provide first time customers with information regarding the prescription treatments available in tablet form, namely Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The treatments work in a similar way as they all share the same active ingredient. However they all retain slightly different qualities making them affect people in different ways and fit different situations.

Viagra lasts up to 4 hours ~ most potent ~ most side effects ~
dose can be repeated following day
Cialis lasts up to 36 hours ~ most expensive ~
dose cannot be repeated for 2 days
Levitra lasts up to 12 hours ~ least expensive ~ least side-effects ~
dose can be repeated following day

How to maximize the potential effects

It is important to understand that the treatments may not always have an immediate effect and it is important to give your body as much chance as possible to have a positive reaction.

Below are some useful tips for consideration:

  1. Do not put yourself under unnecessary stress when using the treatment
  2. Use the treatment in a comfortable or relaxed surrounding
  3. Allow your body to get used to achieving an erection again
  4. Try using the treatment for longer
  5. Try larger dosages if the smaller dose does not work first time
  6. Try an alternative treatment if the first treatment does not work first time

What our customers say

Our surveys of patients who have tried all three treatments do not suggest that there is one clear overall winning treatment. Different customers give different reasons for preferring one treatment over another. What we have found is that Levitra is probably the one treatment people find that they are most comfortable with. It is effective for 12 hours which is long enough for most situations but not as short as Viagra. A second Levitra pill can be taken the following day unlike Cialis which should not be repeated within 48 hours. Levitra is not as potent as Viagra which can often give stronger uncomfortable side effects. Although Viagra and Cialis are more widely known and recognised than Levitra, we have found that Levitra ticks more of the customers' preferred requirements. Levitra's good all round performance and better value for money makes it our recommended treatment for customers who are undecided.

The following customer usage stats tell their own story:

  • Viagra is the most widely recognised treatment
  • In 2006, Cialis has overtaken Viagra as the most preferred treatment for first time users
  • People using Levitra are less likely to change to another treatment
  • 70% of people that do not respond to one treatment have a positive effect with an alternative treatment.

Cialis is often the first choice for new patients because its “window” of effectiveness is up to 36 hours, considerably longer than the other two treatments. This can mean that there is less pressure to “time” your sexual activity and therefore can lead to a more relaxed and spontaneous experience. Viagra is the old kid on the block and has been used successfully by millions over the years – a proven performer.

For a summary of the different treatments, take a look at our comparison table.

Remember, if your first choice of treatment does not work, it is quite possible one of the others may prove more suitable.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to email our doctor who will respond in the strictest confidence within 24 hours.