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Pfizer Sildenafil : Now available !

Pfizer, manufacturer of Viagra, the most recognised treatment for erectile dysfunction in the world, has recently released a cheaper alternative to its famous blue pill. Pfizer Sildenafil has been launched onto the market and the drug works in exactly the same way as Viagra. Pfizer Sildenafil is being dubbed “the white diamond” thanks to its colour and the shape it shares with the Viagra pill.

Pfizer launched Viagra in 1998 and has held the patent on the treatment ever since, meaning only original brand Pfizer Viara has been legal to buy and sell in the UK. On 21st June 2013 however, the patent expired and Pfizer no longer has the monoply on the market for sildenafil citrate based treatments for erectile dysfunction. Other licensed drug manufacturers can now produce generic alternatives to Viagra, hence the arrival of Pfizer’s own generic version.

Pfizer will continue to produce original brand Viagra as well as Pfizer Sildenafil and, as a licensed maufacturer there are no legal issues concerning the buying and selling of this new treatment. Our partner pharmacy is GPhC registered and only works with trustworthy, reputable drug companies ensuring the safety of the medicines we offer our customers.

Pfizer Sildenafil is available in the same dosages as Viagra and is identical in every way expect the colour of the pill and the packaging it comes in. For full information on the functionality of the treatment and potential side effects please consult our Viagra product page


Pfizer Sildenafil

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Pfizer Sildenafil is cheaper than Viagra but the price of the online consultation, upon which the issuing of a private prescription is based, has not changed so you will not see a huge reduction in price compared with original brand Viagra.

As mentioned above, we only sell medicines produced by reputable, licensed drug manufactuers registered in the UK, who comply with the United Kingdom’s laws. This is so that we can be sure of the safety of the treatments we sell. We strongly advise customers to only buy from UK registered companies like ours to avoid any legal difficulty. The origins, and therefore legality, of treatments bought from companies based outside of the UK, or certainly from outside of Europe, are difficult to verify and so the chances of British customs seizing the products are high. If customs were to allow the medication into the UK, as a customer you would still be liable to pay importation tax on any medicines brought into the country.

For more information on the expiration of Pfizer’s Viagra patent and the new generic treatments available please see this link

Reviews for Pfizer Sildenafil

white pill

Reviewed by dave on .

i've been takin viagra for years and now this generic is avaialble, but i think its exactly the same but white. its cheaper tho so thats good.

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