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MyOnlineDoctor can provide you with an online prescription for Sildenafil, following an online consultation with our UK registered doctor.

We now offer a generic alternative treatment to original brand Viagra. The patent on Viagra, held by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, expired on 21st June 2013. Since 22nd June 2013 the production and sale of generic sildenafil citrate based drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction has been legal in the UK.

Several licensed drug manufacturing companies can and are producing own brand versions of sildenafil citrate and we are pleased to offer you our UK sourced Sildenafil provided by our GPhC (the General Pharmaceutical Company) registered partner pharmacy.

You may have seen articles documenting the expiration of Viagra and speculating on the effect it would have on the market

Suggestions that pricing will change dramatically as a result of the patent's expiration are not entirely accurate. As it is the price of the medication which will drop as opposed to the price of the online consultation, for customers without a prescription looking to buy treatment online the prices may seem higher than they had expected. We have set our rates at a competitive level and for full details please check our prices page.



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The new treatment, Sildenafil, works in exactly the same way as Viagra and, as such, is available in the same dosages and has the same potential side effects. Only the branding and packaging of the drug are different in comparison with the original Pfizer brand Viagra. For information relating to dosages and side effects please refer to our Viagra product page:

There is still some confusion among the public regarding the sale of generic medications. When a pharmaceutical manufacturer's patent for a drug expires it means that other companies can produce generic versions of the original treatment and sell them legally, so long as they are licensed to do so. As mentioned above we guarantee the safety of our treatments by working with a GPhC registered pharmacy that sources its products thoroughly. We provide the name of the drug manufacturer for all of our treatments and on the medication box itself you can always find a batch number to verify the authenticity of the product with the manufacturer directly, should you have any doubts.

Buying medication from abroad is a risky business. The importation laws in the UK make it extremely difficult to be sure that you will receive any order you place with a company from outside Europe. You must be aware of the licensing laws in the country from which you buy the product and be aware that even if your order were not seized at British customs you would be liable to pay importation tax on any medication you bring in to the country. It is far safer to buy from a company such as ours, where you can be sure of the origins of the product and take no legal risks.

If there is a question you would like to put to our doctor that is not covered, please feel free to email him at .

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much cheaper but same effect. It has replaced viagra for me.

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