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Online Clinic Registrations

MyOnlineDoctor is operated by FMC Marketing Limited a UK registered company which is fully registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC): Cert No :1-4160491831

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It is important the public know that a medical service, online or otherwise, is properly regulated. Here in England, it is the responsibility of the CQC to not only audit a medical service in terms of whether the service is appropriate or not - but also to run checks on the people actually involved in the day to day running of the service. It is only right that the public is protected in this way.

Essentially, our registration with the CQC is your assurance that MyOnlineDoctor is not only a reputable company but also one that is qualified to handle its medical health care service with proper diligence and safety in mind. We are aware of only a handful of our online clinics who are currently registered with the CQC.

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What is registration the CQC for?
In brief, it is the gold standard of health care registrations. Indeed, all private health care providers must be registered with the CQC to be able to provide services to the public. The CQC has assessed MyOnlineDoctor and found it to comply with the Fundamental Standards necessary for an Mobile Doctors Service set out in the Health & Social Care Act (HSCA) 2008.

What checks are there on the registration?
Not only is the MyOnlineDoctor service completely audited but it will continue to be regulated on a regular basis. Checks include criminal-record checks of all staff, inspection of the premises and a complete review of our prescribing systems.

If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact us my email, live chat or phone. Customer service operators are available between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

If you would like to find out more about the CQC, please check the Care Quality Commission's website.

GPhC registered pharmacy

We use two UK GPHC registered pharmacies to ensure best quality of service and supplies..

Centennial Pharmacy
Pharmacy details;
509 Centennial Park,
Centennial Avenue,
WD6 3FG,

GHpC registered pharmacy
ID: 1120610

Morton's Pharmacy
Trinity Square
EX13 5AN
GHpC registered pharmacy
ID: 1030659