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Myonlinedoctor is a private doctor service providing online consultations and healthcare. The company is categorised as an Independent Medical Agency registered with the CQC. Please see below for our CQC reviews. Myonlinedoctor only uses GMC registered doctors and UK GPhC pharmacists.

Our aim is to provide a low-cost, online private doctors' service - more efficient and convenient than the NHS but at a fraction of the price of other websites and private doctors.

Order by 11am Monday-Friday for guaranteed same day dispatch via Royal Mail special delivery. All treatments are genuine and dispensed from a UK licensed Pharmacy.

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CQC review date 12th Apr, 2012

  MyOnlineDoctor is CQC registered and has passed a site inspection with top marks 5/5 by the Care Quality Commission

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How the prescription service works

You do not need an existing prescription, using our online consultation system our doctors can prescribe treatments for the listed conditions.

To order treatments, simply follow the registration process. First complete the required medical questions then select the treatment you would prefer. When you have completed your order request, it will then be passed to our doctor for approval. If successful, he will write a prescription which will be passed on to our pharmacy, who will despatch the treatment directly to you.

Registration for any treatment is free, without obligation and completely confidential. To register now, please click here.

Erectile Dysfunction - treatment with MyOnlineDoctor
MyOnlineDoctor can offer private prescription impotence treatments to men suffering with ED. Use our online consultation service to order treatments. For help deciding which treatment is best for you, we offer a wide range of erectile dysfunction treatments.

Sexually Transmitted Infections
We also provide a complete clinical service for sexually transmitted infections (STI / STD) which is both discreet and convenient. Home test kits are available from Myonlinedoctor and if you test positive then we will send out the required antibiotics free of charge. Once you have been tested your partner can register for treatment without the need for a test as a preventative measure.
About our STI service
, STI Tests & About STI's


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Care Quality Commission

Reviewed by CQC on .

Read our CQC review on the Care Quality Commission web site. Our registration ID is:1-157848151

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History of MyOnlineDoctor

MyOnlineDoctor was set up in January 2006 to provide affordable online private health care MyOnlineDoctor has become the UK's most diverse and progressive online consultation service, with a clear pricing structure, excellent customer service and an unrivalled ethical policy.

Some information about our online prescription service

Information on some of the conditions Myonlindoctor prescribes.


Is it legal to buy prescription medications online?
It is legal to buy certain medicines through online consultations in the UK. The UK regulatory body the MHRA recommends that people only order from sites that are registered in the UK and that display full company information and contact details. For more information please check the transcript from the BBC radio 4 program aired TUESDAY 11/09/07 2100-2130.

What does the online doctor prescribe and what services are offered?
In short, MyOnlineDoctor provides a convenient, cheap and reliable private prescription service for conditions that can be safely issued by online doctors through remote consultation. This online clinic service cannot, or should not, replace your existing GP. Most medical complaints still need a face to face visit to your doctor in order to make a safe diagnosis. However there are a handful of medicines, such as impotence and hair loss medicines that can safely be prescribed remotely. Furthermore, these drugs are not easily acquired through the NHS, as the NHS cannot afford to provide subsidies for non-life threatening medications. For this reason NICE and the NHS restrict doctors from providing these pills to patients. In the case of erectile dysfunction medications, this has led to problems. Most men suffering from ED cannot obtain treatments from the NHS which leads to a situation where they have no other choice than to get a private prescription or seek online clinic services. MyOnlineDoctor was set up to directly meet this demand for drugs that are generally unavailable. As diagnosis is done remotely, our doctor has to be sure that there will be no problems with prescribing and for this reason we may often decline patients that might otherwise be offered treatment following a face to face consultation.

Where are your prices?
Due to laws on the advertising and sale of prescription treatments, it is illegal for us to be seen as soliciting the sale of such medicines. Unlike pharmacies that only offer the drugs to people that already have a prescription, MyOnlineDoctor provides the entire service from medical consultation, script and treatment. For this reason the restrictions apply only to online clinic sites like MyOnlineDoctor. Prices are clearly displayed to patients once they have completed the online consultation. Registrations on MyOnlineDoctor are free of charge and completely without obligation.

How can I be sure that the medication provided is genuine?
In the last two years there have been reports of fake drugs entering the supply chain to pharmacies due to inadequate regulation of pharmaceutical suppliers. This meant that middle men with easy to obtain wholesale licenses were able to increase their profits by selling cheaper fake medications to pharmacies and pass them off as genuine. The problem is that small independent pharmacies can not purchase treatments directly from the pharmaceuticals leading to the need for distributers and wholesellers. All medicines purchased through MyOnlineDoctor are dispensed by UK GPHC registered pharmacies to ensure best quality of service and that the medicines are 100% genuine. MyOnlineDoctor is a UK registered company and only uses doctors registered with General medical Council GMC.

Which drugs are banned from online consultations?
Doctors in the UK are expressly not allowed to provide any narcotics, painkillers or addictive substances. Doctors can only safely make a fresh diagnosis where no checks or tests are needed. However, if a patient can prove that they have been prescribed through a face to face examination then a repeat prescription may be possible. Below is a list of conditions that can be safely diagnosed and meds provided through online doctor consultation.


Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

Before 1998, there was no effective medication for ED and for years the problem was generally laughed off or just brushed under the carpet. That all changed with the launch of Pfizer's Sildenafil Citrate and subsequent pill by Eli Lilly (Tadalafil) and Bayer (Vardenafil). In the ten years since the introduction of these meds there have been few minor problems reported but these are vastly outweighed by the benefits brought to millions of men worldwide. In general, these drugs are safe to prescribe; however, below are the main points of concern when prescribing ED treatments through an online service such as MyOnlineDoctor.

Underlying Diabetes: Impotence is a symptom of diabetes and if left untreated problems can worsen. For this reason, we strongly urge ED patients to take regular diabetes test (at least once a year) in order to eliminate this as a concern.

Low Blood Pressure: As these drugs tend to lower patient's blood pressure, patients already taking treatments that lower the blood pressure (such as nitrate based medicines) may find that their blood pressure is lowered to potentially dangerous levels. To eliminate this as a possible danger, we can not prescribe to people taking such medications.

Peyronies Disease: Due to the complicated nature of this condition it is not safe to prescribe ED drugs remotely to men suffering from Peyronies. In these cases, it is important that the customer seeks a face to face examination from their own GP. If the doctor feels it is safe to prescribe erectile dysfunction treatments, then MyOnlineDoctor would be happy to prescribe too. However we do request that customers send us a letter from their GP (on letter headed paper) confirming which medicines the doctor feels can be prescribed.

Contraindication with Conditions: There are a few other drugs and conditions that might mean that diagnosis online might be inappropriate. In these cases a prescription for impotence treatments will be declined.

Retinal problems: All impotence meds put pressure on the retinal muscle and nerve so it should not be given to people suffering from retinal problems.

Cardio vascular problems: Anyone suffering from cardiovascular disorders such as angina should consult a doctor face to face. This also goes for anyone who has trouble walking 3 miles or climbing a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath.


More on Erectile Dysfunction

Conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction
The main conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction are prostrate cancer, diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol, and high blood pressure or hypertension. Other factors that lead to impotence are aging, smoking, alcoholism, high stress or exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and other psychological factors. Most people suffering from ED suffer from a combination of problems both psychological and physical factors. For this reason it is very difficult for any doctor to be able to pin point the exact reason why someone is suffering from impotence. Likewise, any man trying erectile dysfunction treatments should make sure that they are calm and have not drunk alcohol in order to maximise the potential of the drug working. As always it is advisable to eat healthily and exercise regularly in order to improve health and minimise occurrences of ED.


How do I know I have erectile dysfunction?
A lot of men are unaware that they might be suffering from ED. It is a little known fact that erectile dysfunction can be classed as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Even men experiencing problems once in every 5 attempts will qualify for treatment. Many men find that they can achieve erections by themselves but not when they are with their partners. Most common however is the inability to maintain an erection post penetration.


Is ED connected to premature ejaculation?
Although premature ejaculation and ED are generally two different issues, men suffering from the latter may experience the former. However, erectile dysfunction drugs can also in part help with premature ejaculation as a man can recover more quickly or even continue with intercourse after ejaculating.


Hair loss and Male Pattern Baldness

In the UK the NHS does not readily prescribe treatments for hair loss as it is not a life or death issue. For this reason men seeking a remedy for this condition often find that they have no other option but to buy drugs online. This is a great shame as although the condition is not a matter of life or death for many men it can cause low self esteem and even depression. The problem is more acute for younger men. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done if all the hair has been lost and if the hair follicle has died. However if the hair is merely thinning and the hair follicles are still alive there are mediciness available that can generate more hairs to grow. In this way the hair's thickness will be restored. With these medications patience is key as the effects are seldom seen before 6 months.


Controlling High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol leads to a progressive disease of the arteries called atherosclerosis, which effectively restricts the flow of blood and increases the risk of heart disease and strokes. There are now medicines available to prevent the build up of too much cholesterol and thus reduce the risks of heart disease or stroke by 50%. This is welcome news as there are currently over 208,000 deaths a year related to diseases of the heart and circulatory systems, making it the main cause of death in the UK. Unfortunately, although studies show that preventative prescribing of medication could save the NHS thousands, there are no current plans to make these treatments readily available to people. The current NHS bill for statins far exceeds the cost of any other medication. Currently, the only way for those showing early signs of high cholesterol, to obtain statins and make sure it does not rise, is through private prescription. Although statins can be prescribed to control cholesterol and reduce the chances of heart disease they should not be seen as an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise, which in itself will also control cholesterol and reduce the chance of heart disease.



There are no treatments available that will kill a cold or flu once it has taken hold. However, there are a few medicines available on the market that can act as a temporary preventative. These meds can also work if taken as soon as the symptoms of a cold appear and before it has taken full effect. The medications available are ideal to buy as a precautionary measure against the future onset of flu. Furthermore, as these treatments have a long shelf life of 7 years they are currently being stockpiled by the UK government to prevent infection of bird flu to vital workers in the event of a pandemic.


Weight Loss Treatments

Losing weight is a big challenge facing many people. It can be very hard to know where to start. There are dieting products, slimming pills and advice everywhere you look. While choosing a slimming programme can vary from individual to individual, there are basic facts that everyone trying to lose weight should take on board.

  • The most irreplacable aid to losing weight is daily diet and physical exercise.
  • There are also some approved prescription weight loss treatments that can be used as an option for people who meet certain criteria.

Things to consider before taking slimming pills to lose weight.

Prescription weight loss pills should be used to treat obesity in the following individuals:

  • People with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above with no obesity-related conditions.
  • A person with a greater than 26 BMI and obesity related conditions