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STIs/STDs Home Testing Service

Full STI Screen Urine STI Test
Anonymous Home Full STI Screen
Results within 3 - 5 working days. Allow two weeks after suspected exposure to STI before taking test. Re-test 5 weeks after completion of antibiotic course.

Home Testing Service Explained

Myonlinedoctor provides a complete clinical service for sexually transmitted infections (STI / STD).
Don't let embarrassment become a health risk for you or for your partner. Get Tested Today.

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STI Home Test

Which STIs do you test for?

We test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and a Full Sexual Health Screen for a range of minor infections is also available. Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are the two most common STIs/STDs so we offer a Combination Test, which screens one urine sample for both infections at the same time.

However, we do not test for HIV, Hep B, Hep C, or Syhpilis as the most reliable results for these infections are obtained from a blood test.


Is this the right service for me?

Anybody can catch an STI/STD even if you are in a monogamous relationship. This is the right service:

  • If you are sexually active then you should be tested regularly.
  • If you have a new partner, it is a good idea for you both to be tested.
  • If you simply want to exclude the possibility that you might have contracted a sexually transmitted infection
  • If you have previously been treated for a STD and you want to make sure that the infection has cleared up


How soon after having unprotected intercourse can I get tested?

To obtain a reliable test result, it is important that you allow for a sufficient incubation period following unprotected sex with a suspected infection with an STI to maximise the chances of the pathogen being detected if it is present in the sample.

If you think you've contracted an STI, please let the following time frames elapse before taking a test:

7 Days: Gardnerella, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Herpes, Trichomonas, Gonorrhea

14 Days: Chlamydia

How does your testing service work?

Step 1: Register online. We'll post the discreet test pack to you straight away.

Step 2: When the test pack arrives, collect your urine sample and send it off to the lab in the prepaid packaging provided.

Step 3: We'll notify you when your results have come back and you can then log into a secure area of the site to see your result & to request free treatment if you tested positive.

How long will my test kit take to arrive?

Order a test before 3pm Monday to Friday and we'll post your test pack that same day. Depending upon the post in your area, your test kit should arrive the next working day or the day after. If your order does not arrive after 5 days let us know and we will post another kit out to you.

What do I do when I get the kit?

Simply provide a urine sample in the labeled bottle provided and place it in the protective cover and business reply envelope provided along with a pre-filled form. Then send back by post.

How long do the results take?

Test results are normally ready within two to three working days of your sample arriving at the laboratory. We'll send you a SMS message telling you to log back into this website to collect your result.

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive, we'll ask you to complete a short online questionnaire and if it's safe to do so, we'll send you an appropriate medication free of charge.

Is it confidential?

This test service is totally confidential. We will only inform your GP of the result if you request us to. The testing kit will be sent in a plain white bubble-wrap envelope, marked as Private & Confidential and there will be no indication of its contents on the outside.

Are the results reliable?

This test service is an accurate and convenient way to get tested without leaving home. Our service is the same laboratory-based test that you would be likely to receive if you went to see your doctor for a face to face consultation. The lab service we use is TDL Pathology in London.

If you are suffering any symptoms such as genital discharge or a burning sensation when you urinate, we recommend the Full STI Screen rather than testing for individual STI's

Please Note: Urine based tests are unlikely to pick up signs of an STI infection if you caught the infection within the last two weeks.

Is there anywhere that I can get tested for free?

Your local G.U.M. clinic (Genito-Urinary Medicine) is an N.H.S. run clinic for all aspects of sexual health. There were nearly 2 million attendances at GUM clinics in 2007 - more than double the number recorded in 2002. This increase has inevitably put pressure on their ability to deal with infections and their can be long waiting times

No-one wants to be told that they have a sexually transmitted infection and then be told to come back next week, or the week after.

With MyOnlineDoctor you have the choice not to wait.


STI Home Test