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Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Combination Home Test Kit

Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test Urine STI Test
Home Urine Chlamydia Gonorrhoea Lab Test

Results within 48 hours of sample receipt, allow two weeks after suspected exposure to STI before taking test.

Re-test 5 weeks after completion of antibiotic course.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are the two most common STIs/STDs in Europe. Part of the reason for this it that they can both be contracted without showing any outward symptoms. Make sure that you have not contracted either of these sexually transmitted infections, by taking our combination test, which checks for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia infection at the same time - One urine sample screens for both diseases.

This test is better value than being tested for either of Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea individually. If you have any symptoms of an infection (pain, redness, burning sensation when you pass urine or discharge) then we recommend a full STI screen so that we can correctly identify the root cause.

'A Silent Epidemic' – The Spread of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea

In recent years Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have become the two most prominent sexually transmitted diseases in the UK. Cases of uncomplicated gonorrhea increased by 42% between 1998 and 2007, while genital chlamydia increased by 150%. The causes and symptoms of these infections can be very similar and NHS findings reveal that 40% of women who test positive for Gonorrhea also have Chlamydia.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have the following similarities:

  • Both are passed on through vaginal, anal or oral sexual contact.
  • Both can be transmitted even if ejaculation does not occur.
  • Both cause symptoms for some people and none at all for others.
  • Both can be transmitted from infected mother to child during vaginal delivery.
  • If left untreated, both can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in women (causes pain and can lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy or premature birth) and may affect male fertility.
  • Both are are tested for using a simple urine test and easily treated with a course of antibiotics.