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Tamiflu Online Prescription Service

MyOnlineDoctor can provide Tamiflu Oseltamivir on private prescription for the prevention of influenza virus, so that you have it available to use in case you come in contact with someone carrying the flu or swine flu viruses. The online prescription would be provided following an online consultation with our UK registered doctor.


Tamiflu is the main treatment available for the treatment and prevention of the influenza virus. Governments across the world are stockpiling it to provide to their populations in the fight against swine flu and bird flu pandemics. For this reason the supply and availability of Tamiflu has been seriously disrupted due to the current swine flu pandemic. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you check our stock availability.

For information on tamiflu - and swine flu


Where can I get Tamiflu? Message updated 20/07/2009

Most pharmacies in the UK have now dispensed all their stocks of Tamiflu and will be unable to re-order more stocks as the UK Government has been buying all the stocks of Tamiflu produced by the manufacturer Roche UK since the outbreak of the H1N1 Swine flu pandemic (back in April 2009). At the onset of this pandemic our pharmacy managed to secure a large stock of Tamiflu which we still have in stock

Tamiflu from Myonlinedoctor
Myonlinedoctor is writing private prescriptions for Tamiflu as a preventative  measure and for treatment of swine flu. It is however important to state that Tamiflu should not be taken as a long term preventative measure but only if you have come into direct contact with someone infected with influenza. Tamiflu should also be taken within twenty four hours of being in contact with someone suffering from Swine Flu .

Tamiflu from the NHS
The government  has bought enough antiviral medication for 50% of the population and will be dispensing them to people who have been infected and who have come into direct contact with persons infected with Swine Flu. Treatments are being distributed from newly set up distribution centres across the UK. To obtain treatment , you are requested to first check your symptoms online. From the results of this online questionnaire, you then may be advised to apply for a call back service. Current waiting times are from between 45 minutes and 4 hours. People calling in regard to children under the age of 5 are being requested to call the NHS direct on 0845 4647.  T he general Swine Flu Information Line is 0800 1 513 513. Currently, treatments can be collected by a designated Flu partner from the dispensing centres. Anyone showing symptoms should stay at home and ring their GP for further advice.

More advice and information on buying tamiflu safely.

Listed below are common questions and answers designed to provide first time guidance regarding the number 1 doctor-prescribed antiviral flu medicine. If there is a question you would like to put to our doctor that is not covered below, please feel free to email



What is Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)?

Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) works in two ways both as a prevention and treatment of symptoms of influenza.

The treatment was created by Roche to combat the influenza virus. It works as a neuraminidase inhibitor, effectively stopping the virus from replicating by inhibiting its ability to establish itself inside the body. Tamiflu is only available by prescription and under NHS guidelines can only be prescribed to someone that has either contracted influenza (bird flu, or swine flu H1N1) or has come under direct contact with a positively diagnosed person. However it can be prescribed under a private prescription to people as a precaution to be used incase they contract the virus.

Effectively Tamiflu is an antiviral that blocks the virus it is not a cure as it will not kill the virus It will reduce its spread and relieve its symptoms allowing the body to fight the virus itself more successfully and shorten the duration of any flu. It can be used to treat adults and children older than 1 year of age. Like wise as it block the viruses ability to take hold it can be used to reduce the chance of getting the flu if there is a influenza outbreak.

Is it effective?

The earlier it is taken the better. Indeed tamiflu is only truly effective if taken within two days of the patient contracting influenza so it is imperative that people suffering from influenza take the treatment as soon as feeling the first signs of symptoms. Since it is imperative that the treatment is taken as early as possible MyOnlineDoctor feels it is best prescribed as a precautionary measure allowing it to be available for patients in their bath cabinet as and when they need it.

Research figures suggest that Tamiflu can reduce the severity of infection and its symptoms by 40%, cut duration by 30% chest infections by 50% and hospitalisations by 61%.
In children or infants with flu, the drug reduced middle ear infections by 44%.

How does tamiflu compare with the vaccine?


About dosaging?

Available in capsules (currently we only stock 75mg capsules)
Also available in liquid form for children or infants people who with swallowing difficulties.

Dosing is varied by the weight of the patient and for purpose of use. Please see below for table of weigh to dosage.


Tamiflu Dosage Instructions

Regarding dosage information for children
MyOnlineDoctor can not prescribe treatments to any persons under the age of 18. The dosage guidance below is for information purposes only.
Tamiflu should not be given to infants under 1 year of age.

For Treatment
Treatment should be taken as soon as flu symptoms appear (within 48 hours). Stomach upsets can potentially be reduced if dosage is taken with a light snack, milk, or a meal.

For Prevention
If a person close to you or within you community has contracted influenza Tamiflu should be taken as a preventative as soon as possible. It can be taken safely for up to 6 weeks but should not be taken as a general prevention of infection infection during a pandemic (such as the swine flu pandemic).

* Tamiflu as a treatment for children 1 year and older has only been evaluated for a duration of 10 days.


Adults & Children 13 Years or Older

Check the weight / dosage chart for exact dosage.

For treatment of the flu;
General dose of one 75mg dosage twice daily for five days.

For Prevention of the Flu;
General dose of one 75mg capsual taken once daily for 10 days.


Tamiflu Oral Suspension

Dosage Instructions for Children under 13 years of age
Also available in a flavored liquid for children, and those with difficulty swallowing the pill form. To help measure out the required dose a dosing dispenser is provided. Dosage (weight dependent) should be taken twice daily, follow the body weight / dosage table below:


Tamiflu Dosaging / Body Weight Table for treatment

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs.) Daily dose for 5 days Bottles Needed
≤ 15 kg
≤ 33 lbs.
30 mg 2x
> 15 kg to 23 kg
> 33 lbs to 51 lbs
45 mg 2x
> 23 kg to 40 kg
> 51 lbs to 88 lbs
60 mg 2x
> 40 kg
> 88 lbs
75 mg 2x


For Prevention

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs.) Daily dose for 5 days Bottles Needed
≤ 15 kg
≤ 33 lbs.
30 mg once
> 15 kg to 23 kg
> 33 lbs to 51 lbs
45 mg once
> 23 kg to 40 kg
> 51 lbs to 88 lbs
60 mg once
> 40 kg
> 88 lbs
75 mg once

Please read prescribing information for instructions on preparing Tamiflu liquid.


What are the side effects of Tamiflu?

Tamiflu like all prescription treatments can potentially cause side effects however these are usually quite mild and well tolerated. Most common are nausea and vomiting however taking Tamiflu with a light snack can reduce this. If the side effects are causing problems and are intolerable then it may be better to stop taking Tamiflu.

Some of the possible side effects of Tamiflu

  • nausea, vomiting Stomach pains, and diarrhea
  • bronchitis
  • dizziness, headache and Migraines.

For a full list of side effects please consult the treatment information leaflet.


Precautions and warnings regarding Tamiflu?

  • The effectiveness of Tamiflu is undetermined with those suffering from kidney failure, chronic heart or lung disease, or those with high-risk underlying medical conditions. For those with kidney disease, it is advisable to talk to your doctor before starting Tamiflu therapy to confirm an alternative dosing schedule.
  • Some isolated cases of patients causing self-injury or experiencing delirium (confusion, hallucinations, speech problems) while using Tamiflu have been reported. The reports were mostly in children and from Japan. It is not known whether the cause of these reports is due to Tamiflu use however patients should be monitored for signs of abnormal behavior while taking Tamiflu.
  • Like most prescription drugs Tamiflu can cause side effects however with most people these side effects are either not felt or relatively minor. With children however, the side effects can be worse (especially nausea and vomiting). It is often the case that as the influenza is unlikely to be lethal that traditional remedies and paracetamol may be a better treatment please seek advice from your doctor.

General Precautions and information on taking Tamiflu: 

  • Tamiflu is only effective in treating flu-like illnesses caused by any virus of influenza A and B. This means that Tamiflu is not effective in treating symptoms not caused by influenza.
  • Infections that can appear like influenza or occur along with influenza, need different types of treatment. People with a history of underlying health problems should contact their doctor or healthcare provider for advice.
  • If after taking Tamiflu you feel worse or develop new symptoms, or your influenza symptoms don't dissipate contact your health care provider.
  • If you have taken Tamiflu you should still take your annual influenza vaccination.
  • There have been no tests and so there are no guaranteed safety in taking repeated courses Tamiflu.6 weeks is the maximum recommended dose.
  • Tamiflu should not be used in infants under 1 year of age.


Informing your own doctor?

It is important that you use this service in conjunction with your own regular doctor or health service provider. MyOnlineDoctor recommends that patients inform their own doctor of any medications that they have ordered with us. This is especially important if there is any history of kidney disease or if they are are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying to become pregnant.

For more information about Tamiflu please visit the official web site or if you are concerned that the treatment may not be suitable for you ask your doctor.

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