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Questions Related to Influenza

In order to prescribe treatments for Influenza our doctor needs some information regarding this specific condition. Please complete the following as accurately as possible.


Do you feel as though you may have symptoms of influenza (the flu)?

Please confirm you understand that this treatment should only be taken as a precautionary measure in case you have been in contact with the flu. (You should not actually take the medication until you start getting symptoms.) I confirm I understand

Do you have hypersensitivity to oseltamivir phosphate or to any Tamiflu ingredients?

Do you suffer from asthma?

Do have suffer from any uncontrolled chronic (breathing) illnesses?

Do you suffer from any type of breathing problem/s, or have you in the past?

Do you have any condition that makes you breathless such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema?

Do you use any form of inhalers? if yes please provide the name.

To your knowledge, are you allergic to Lactose (monohydrate) or Zanamivir?

Do you suffer severe renal impairment (kidney problems)?

Are you breastfeeding?

Please confirm that you are aware Tamiflu is taken twice daily for 5 days to treat flu and once daily for 10 days to prevent flu?

Are there any other details you feel we should know about your condition?