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Sexually Transmitted Infections

While public sex education and awareness with regards to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have improved considerably over the past few years, venereal diseases, as they were previously referred to, are on a steady rise in the UK and in fact worldwide.

Typically, risky sexual behaviour and promiscuity are associated with young people, however as a sad fact, the percentage of new HIV infections is highest among people over the age of 50. Many over 50s are rediscovering the joys of post-divorce or separation physical intimacy thanks to medical aids such as Viagra or Cialis which help to restore erectile function. Impotence and associated sexual problems, or sexual dysfunction in women, no longer have to be reluctantly accepted in silence and many pensioners now enjoy a healthy and active sex life up to an old age. As contraception is no longer an issue once past the menopause, the practice of safer sex among older people remains neglected all too often, which accounts for a concerning rise of STIs among this patient group. In younger people, an increase in STDs is mostly due to a typical spirit of carelessness and naivety.

Taking these facts into account, a responsible sexual health care becomes all the more important and everybody, regardless of whether they are in a monogamous relationship or with changing sexual partners should get tested for STIs regularly, especially as some diseases do not display any obvious symptoms. If you are being diagnosed with a venereal disease, your chances of a quick and uncomplicated recovery are much higher the sooner you get the problem seen to and treated.

STI Home Test

Below you will find a quick overview of the different kinds of the most common sexually transmitted infections:

1. Bacteriaborne

  • Chlamydia – Together with Gonorrhoea the most common STI in the UK
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis – This infection can be fatal if let untreated. Its prevalence is on the rise due to a number of local outbreaks such as in London in the early 2000s, however compared to other STIs, the number of cases is low.

2. Fungal

Candidosis – A very common yest infection commonly referred to as thrush. Can easily be treated with over the counter creams, tablets or pessaries.

3. Viral

  • Hepatitis – Affects the liver. There are different types of viruses, some of them can be transmitted via sexual contact, sharing needles (hospitals in underdevlopped countries, tattoo needles, IV drug sharing) or also via the fecal-oral route by ingesting food that has been contaminated with fecal matter (this type A is mostly predominant in Third World countries)
  • Herpes Simplex
  • HIV/AIDS – An incurable illness which has long been equalled with an inevitable death sentence, however symptoms can be managed well these days allowing sufferers a high quality of life and prolonging the onset of AIDS
  • HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) – Manifests itself as unsightly genital warts and can cause cervical cancer in women and penile cancer in men

4. Parasital

  • Crab louse (the crab, pubic lice) – Small parasites feeding on human blood. The little critters can be treated with topical treatments. For best results, the affected area should also be shaved to deprive them of their primary breeding ground
  • Scabies – Also known as the itch, the symptoms are very similar to other skin disorders such as eczema. Scabies can be treated with both oral and topically administered drugs.

5. Protozotal

Trichomoniasis – A common STI that can be easily treated with oral antibiotics

Certain other infections affecting the genitalia are not necessarily transmitted via sexual intercourse, however sexually active people might be more at risk of developing them. Bacterial vaginosis and non-specific urethritis fall into this category and you can get both tested and treated for these conditions here at Myonlinedoctor.

Some STIs require a blood sample based test, others a visual or microscopic examination whereas a number of them can be safely and accurately diagnosed using a urine sample. Myonlinedoctor UK offers a discreet and convenient home testing service, so if you suspect you might have contracted one of the following infections, order your test today:

If your test comes back positive, our doctor will prescribe appropriate antibiotic treatment free of charge.

STI Home Test