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Histalean pills to aid weight loss in the obese

Many overweight or obese patients have tried countless ways of shedding their excess pounds and getting rid of not only unsightly, but also unhealthy flab. Effectively, being overweight cannot only cause serious health concerns, but often also represents a major source of psychological stress.
New miracle cures, products, lotions and potions are frequently advertised, especially on the internet, and people often resort to these in a bid to lose weight. Increasingly, however, people are having to employ more drastic measures such as lipo-surgery or gastric band surgery for patients who are clinically or morbidly obese.
Slimming pills are increasingly popular particularly among women, however, there is currently only one prescription treatment that is clinically proven to aid weight loss. Xenical is a powerful fat blocker and as such it can only be obtained on prescription. Several weight loss drugs, including as Histalean, are currently undergoing development and progress is looking promising, which means weight loss patients can look forward to having a broader choice of treatments in the not too distant future.


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What is Histalean?

Histalean is the brand name of a new weight loss pill which is currently being researched for its effectiveness as a weight loss drug. Histalean contains the active ingredient Betahistine, and is being studied by a team of Israelian researchers under the direction of Dr Nir Barak of the Rabin Medical Centre in Tel Aviv.
Betahistine is administered orally in form of a tablet and absorbed by the body very quickly. As far as the molecule’s chemical structure is concerned, it strongly resembles Histamine, a medicine widely used to treat common allergies such as hayfever. Betahistine has been used in Europe for about 40 years to treat people suffering from vertigo, Ménière’s disease or other balance disorders. It works by acting on the H1 and H3 receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems, which makes the drug a receptor antagonist, that is, a medication which blocks certain receptors in the brain from receiving chemical signals

How does Histalean work?

Betahistine provides feeling of satiation as well as inhibiting cravings for fatty foods. Research data suggests that age and gender strongly influence in how effective the medicine can be and clinical trial results have shown that women under the age of 50 benefit the most from the drug and manage to lose the most weight. Information as to why the efficacy of this new weight loss drug might be determined by the age and gender of the patient contradicts some sources claiming that the desire to binge on fatty foods is pronounced more strongly in women, however this finding has yet to be established scientifically. Taking Histalean weight loss pills will make you feel fuller more quickly as well as deter you from bingeing on fatty junk food.

How effective is Histalean?

Histalean was tested on 281 clinically obese volunteers (BMI between 30 and 40) of both sexes who were randomly divided into four groups. The control group was given a sugar pill, whereas the three other groups were given different daily dosages of Histalean – 16mg, 32mg and 48mg respectively. The length of the study was set to 12 weeks and no other weight loss measures such as a calorie-reduced diet or increased physical exercise were administered to the patients. While the overall results did not show any statistically significant difference in weight loss between the placebo and the Histalean group, a closer examination revealed some surprising findings. Women under the age of 50 who were given the highest dose of Histalean, 48mg, managed to lose the highest amount of their body weight, an average of 2.91% in three months, which was seven times the amount compared to the placebo group. Taking into account that none of the patients undertook any other measures to slim down for the duration of the treatment, this weight loss is considerably high.

Does Histalean have any side effects?

None of the 281 study participants reported any serious or otherwise significant side effects that would have lead them to abandon the trial prematurely. Betahistine has been on the market for 40 years and has a well established drug safety profile. The medication is contraindicated in people suffering from peptic ulcers of tumnours affecting the adrenal gland and should be used with caution in asthma patients.

Histalean is not yet available as clinical trials have not been completed. For now, you can order Xenical, the only licensed prescription weight loss pills currently available. To order Xenical just complete our free initial online weight loss consultation.