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Prescription and non prescription Diet Pills

Most diet pills can be divided into two categories: non-prescription and prescription only; and further divided into subcategories based on how they work. Dieting pills come in all sorts of shapes and types, and choosing the right one for you will depend largely on your medical history, your weight loss needs and your lifestyle. If you suffer from any medical conditions or are taking any medicines, do not take diet pills without consulting your doctor.


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Prescription diet pills

There is only one diet pill available in the UK on prescription: Xenical (Orlistat 120mg). Xenical is a fat-blocker and aids weight loss by blocking the absorption of fats consumed in your daily diet. This stops your body from using fats in your diet as a source of energy and prevents unused fats from being stored. This also encourages your body to burn the fat reserves it has already accumulated resulting in weight loss. Xenical is clinically proven to double weight loss compared to just dieting or exercising alone and has been a huge success in helping people to manage their weight.
Before buying prescription diet pills you must be seen by a doctor and obtain a prescription following treatment guidelines. As a general guide Xenical can be prescribed to overweight people with BMI 25 or more. The NHS has a much stricter policy on who is entitled to a subsidised prescription and entitlement to on-going weight loss treatment. Compared to other diet pills Xenical has almost immediate effects. You should notice weight changes within the first two weeks. If, however, you do not notice any benefits within the first 12 weeks you should speak to your doctor.
Take: one 120mg Xenical tablet with each of your meals. Max. 3 times daily

Non-prescription diet pills

Non-prescription diet pills literally exist in their hundreds and it would be impossible to discuss all of the available treatments, so we have chosen to mention the UK’s top diet pill brands: Alli, Appesat and Adios.


Alli contains the same active ingredient as the prescription diet pill Xenical, Orlistat. Alli contains 60mg of Orlistat, half the quantity of Xenical, making it safe for prescription by a pharmacist. Alli works in exactly the same way as Xenical and is a proven weight loss drug. Alli is best used with the accompanying Alli Diet Plan book which gives you tips on what to eat and full recipe ideas. Following a lower fat diet will prevent gastro-intestinal diet related side effects caused by the medicine’s fat-blocking action.
Take: one 60mg Alli tablet with each of your meals. Max. 3 times daily


Adios is a top selling herbal diet pill containing fucus dry extract, butternut, dandelion root and extract of boldo. Fucus aids weight loss by increasing your body’s metabolism helping you to burn calories faster than you normally would. Adios is a herbal treatment used to aid faster slimming and is a natural product suitable for vegetarians. Adios diet pills do not require a pharmacist or doctor’s prescription and can be sold over the counter in a pharmacy or health food shop; however it should not be sold to anyone under 16 years old.
Take: one tablet of Adios with each of your meals. Max 3-4 times daily.


Appesat diet pills contain Bioginate Complex, a fibre complex extracted from Laminaria Digitata, a type of seaweed. Appesat is a natural appetite suppressant used to aid weight loss in people who find they over eat at meal times, or feel hungry when they try to diet. The active ingredient works by helping you to feel full making it easier to control your portions and avoid snacking between meals. For many people snacking is hardest part of dieting and Appesat provides the sensation of satiation which is key for successful dieting and reaching any long term weight loss goals.
Take: tablets as per instructions before each meal.